Benefits of Visualize ROI for Sales Management

Realize the Full Potential of Your CRM System

Better Data Capturing

Sales managers – listen to this. Your sales reps spend hours and hours on the phone with prospects each week. They gain immense amounts of valuable information. But guess what? The information rarely, if ever, makes its way into the CRM system! Sure, you’ll say your reps log calls and activities, and update their Opportunity reports. But they are not capturing the most basic information about their prospects.

Engaging Platform

Yeah, maybe they’ll take a couple of minutes to type in Total Revenue, Total Employees, and even Industry, but what about the questions that really determine whether they are a great prospect? Reps don’t capture this information because (1) they don’t ask certain questions consistently, and (2) when they do ask the questions, it takes too much time to enter the data into the CRM.

Capture Data Consistently

Increased Adoption

Our solution makes it as easy and rewarding for sales reps to capture the information. With First Call Sheets, reps are provided simple forms which prompt them for the 4-6 key data points that should be asked of every prospect and help determine how good of a fit the prospect is for the various solutions you offer.

No More Lost Data

Upon completion of the First Call Sheet, the data is entered into the CRM. No more inconsistent questions and no more lost data from your clients during this important stage of the process.

Impress Company Leadership With Revolutionary Win-Loss Analysis

Better Measurements

When the CEO asks you why you only won 25% of the deals you worked on last year, do you have a good explanation? You probably mention issues about competition, pricing, and the lack of certain features. However, the truth is that you just don’t have enough data about your prospects to have a good idea what the patterns are.

Better Results

When your team operationalizes value selling by utilizing our platform, the data your team collects will point to trends that will allow you to be smarter about why you’re winning and losing, and how much time your team spends with different types of accounts.

Experience the Benefits of Visualize ROI for Your Sales Management