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Visualize ROI helps you throughout the funnel.

Quickly compare current cost with lower cost for a given process or application

Determine impact and benefits in three relevant categories

See how marketing and sales enablement technologies can drive enhanced revenue

Enable your customer to compare your solution to competitive options side-by-side

Help prospects understand the cost of their existing environment, motivating them to take action

Help prospects understand how they compare to others in their industry

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How I “rate” a vendor, is from ability to agility. Do they have the core competencies to solve my problem? Do they have the resources to change course quickly, roll with the punches and meet non-standard or custom requirements as required? VisualizeROI was a clear choice for my client, Vindicia, because of their professional manner, their integrations with key marketing platforms, as well as their desire to stretch their limits by implementing strong code and a beautiful UI. ROI calculators are necessary for so many businesses, but in this case, we have both a marketing tool and a sales tool.

Dyana Klein


New Marketing Factory

VisualizeROI took a highly complex “bad bot” risk model in Excel and converted it into a slick online calculator that anyone can use and understand. It's an impressive tool that helps our sales and marketing teams attract prospects, and then accelerate them through the sales cycle. The application takes a very complex Monte Carlo algorithm and distills it into a set of compelling, dynamic images which indicate the impact and risk of bad bots on a business, as well as the cost and benefit of countermeasures like a Web Application Firewall, or Distil Networks' proactive and precise bot mitigation solution. The VisualizeROI team consistently exceeded my expectations, and I recommend them to anyone looking to increase revenue.

Elias Terman



Since we started using VisualizeROI in our sales process in 2012, we have closed millions in incremental sales. VisualizeROI has enabled our sales team to lead with ROI in their sales message, rather than hope that our prospects calculate it themselves

Mike Ortegon



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