Visualize ROI partners have trained and consulted with more than one million sales professionals regarding value selling principles and concepts. Together, we offer today's leaders a comprehensive approach to operationalizing value selling.

Sales Performance International

Sales Performance International

The solution combines SPI's globally proven methodology, Solution Selling®, which enables organizations to define their compelling value propositions, with Visualize ROI's innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) value platform. Once defined, these value calculations can be easily deployed via a company's website or as tailored sales tools, and integrated into the CRM system for easier lead and opportunity management.

The combined offering benefits marketing, sales management, and salespeople in organizations that are eager to reduce sales cycles, reduce discounts, and improve win rates by operationalizing value selling.

"SPI and Visualize ROI offer complementary solutions to today's sales professional. SPI has trained over 1 million in Solution Selling® methodology, while Visualize ROI has created an innovative technology platform to simplify the deployment and usage of value selling tools. Companies that take advantage of their combined solution should see an improvement in key metrics."

Dave Stein, Founder — ES Research Group

Sales Performance International Announces Partnership with VisualizeROI

The Chapman Group

Chapman Group

The partnership combines The Chapman Group's expertise in ROI modeling and development with Visualize ROI's innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ROI application to create the most accurate, collaborative, and convincing ROI business cases for business development and enterprise account management.

"We have been helping clients for over 20 years to define and quantify their economic value propositions more effectively. The world has changed, and it's now more important than ever that vendors demonstrate their value throughout the sales cycle. We are delighted to partner with Visualize ROI, whose application simplifies the lives of sellers, marketing professionals, and sales management, by making the demonstration of value intuitive and engaging."

Dennis Chapman, Founder — The Chapman Group

The Chapman Group Expands Value-Delivery Network with VisualizeROI Partnership

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