Causes of the Value Revolution

The Great Recession

The Great Recession has caused people to look differently at how they make their purchasing decisions. Not only have buyers become more frugal with their decisions, but they are held with increased accountability to financial decisions at all levels.

Information Overload

Every 60 seconds users share over 684,000 pieces of content on Facebook, over 570 new websites are created, Google receives over 2,000,000 search queries, and Twitter receives over 100,000 tweets. The Internet is rapidly expanding and the amount of data coming along with it is confusing buyers.

Services, Not Goods

More and more, people are buying services and not final goods. They subscribe monthly for Microsoft Office or Adobe software, users pay monthly or yearly for online services, and less people are purchasing goods that they will carry with them through their lifetime.

Characteristics of the Value Revolution

Frugality and Accountability

Customers are less likely to be concerned with the factors that drove them before. They don't care about building relationships with salespeople. They care less about features and services and more about the bottom line. Ultimately, customers want to know the value of propositions more than anything else. When customers lean towards being more frugal, they are also held accountable for their decisions more.

Social Excess and Noise

More and more, buyers are unsure what information they should be utilizing to make their purchasing decisions. With the current social networking revolution that is occurring, customers are left wondering who they should trust. Their friends from high school? Some popular opinion on Twitter? How about a research paper from 10 years ago. What about a blog from 3 months ago?

"Always be Selling"

The age-old adage said to always be closing. Now, more often than not, making the sale is only the first step. As customers become more used to paying for services with renewing models, they are constantly re-evaluating the value their services are providing. The conversation starts when the sale is closed and continues as time goes on.

Joining the Value Revolution with Visualize ROI

Improving Decision Making

Since customers are becoming harder to convince, there needs to be a better way to communicate with them. Visualize ROI helps the decision making process by providing the tools necessary to discuss value. Our powerful platform fascilitates a discussion with prospects around value and data so customers can be confident in their purchasing decisions.

Reducing Confusion

With the growing amount of data available on the Internet, customers need to be shown clear and concise information about the decisions they are making. By adding Visualize ROI to the sales cycles, sales reps can communicate with data and value propositions in ways that customers can understand and trust. Your customers will not be left searching for answers any longer.

Finding Value

Visualize ROI keeps the conversation going and open from the first point of contact, all the way through service renewals, and at every step in-between. Even though customers are moving away from goods and towards services, Visualize ROI provides the tools and the platform to fascilitate this evolution and keeps clients confident they are finding value now, and in the future.

The Value Revolution is Happening Now

Don't be left in the stone age. Visualize ROI is the only company for leading you and your team through the value revoltuion. Let us show you how Visualize ROI can help you evolve, today!