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Sales representatives broadly believe in the notion that sales are executed primarily due to the strength of their relationships with buyers, influencers and decision makers. It is true that the buyer side stakeholders need to have the confidence and trust, that the seller side teams will follow through on the commitments, and that they are paying a fair Value for the purchased products and services.

The key focus behind every sales and marketing leaders’ program should be instilling this sense of Confidence, Trust and Value amongst their prospects and customers. Buyer side stakeholders are motivated by the desire to bring in efficiencies, boosted revenue or mitigated risk at their organizations. Let’s be real! They want to be considered a hero within their organizations.

So how can you start using the right talk tracks to convey the right message, right from the first touchpoint with them as a lead, all the way to sales closure? Lead your talk tracks with the proposed Value of your products and services in terms of bottom line benefits to them. Emphasize how the generated Value will pay for itself and self-fund the investments on your product and services.

No decision, delayed decision and aggressive discounting are common consequences of ineffective Value pitches. Engage your prospect early on with the right Value argument and collaborate with your partner on the buyer side, to jointly build a business case for the buyer’s stakeholders. Help the buyer help you make the sale!

  • Opportunities tied to Value will drive richer conversations and provide better coaching opportunities during pipeline review calls.
  • Larger percentage of opportunities will have a mutual action plan resulting in higher win rates.

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